Facebook now has 100 million users across Africa, the company announced on Monday. This figure is half of all the Internet users in Africa, which sits at 200 million people. More than 80% of Facebook users are accessing the site from a mobile phone, showing ...Read the rest

Finally something you can play while you pee!

Admit it — you play with your cellphone on the toilet. It’s nothing to be ashamed of (although studies show that 16% of phones have fecal matter on them, so that’s gross). But what if there were a video game you could play while using urinals? This ...Read the rest

Boston Marathon Room Listings Offer Hope in Tragedy’s Wake

Tyler Fenton lives in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood, and can sleep five people between his extra bed, couch and floor. David Rahn lives in Brighton, and has room for one — plus extra clothes, Wi-Fi, a shower and more amenities for use. Kara Bauer lives ...Read the rest

Google Maps goes to Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro

Want to see what it’s like to climb to the top of the tallest mountain peaks in the world, without the risk of avalanches, rock slides and … you know, falling? Google Maps has just added stunning imagery taken while scaling the highest mountains across various ...Read the rest

Facebook ‘Nearby’ can Benefit Businesses

Facebook has an astounding amount of information on what its users like. In December 2012, Google had introduced a new update for the feature known as ‘Nearby’ in the Facebook App for iOS and Android that makes it easier to discover new places that your ...Read the rest