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Turning Ideas into reality, is exactly what we do. We are do-ersthink-ers, solve-ersinvent-ers, design-ers, analyze-ers with the passion, the potion and the drive to make your digital media explode. We can brainstorm a new idea, and turn it into a reality, from concept, social media strategy, and powerfull analytics, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions, backed with powerfull analytics.

Your complete Interactive Partner, with a long-term trusted relationship in mind. Whether it’s a simple one pager, Content Management System,  E-Commerce Solution, Social Media Strategy or a complex Enterprise BPM Solution you need, look no further.

8 Reasons why you need a website

People surf the web at all times of the day, and when they are looking for something specific, they turn in, and take out their Ipad or Mobile phone to search for something. Your website can act like an employee that never sleeps
If Joe Soap has a Website selling domestic and industrial soap online and you don’t, and his website is adequately marketed and managed, he is most likely to have the clear advantage. Websites are a great way to level  the playing field.
Ask you yourself only this one question, when last have you opened the local printed telephone directory? Need I say more?
With a professional website or online store, you are not facing your customer directly, your website is the first point of entry. This will in turn give your customers a sense of confidence in your brand or service.  
Small business with professional websites, show an increase in revenue, according to a study done by the University of California
About 10.5% of all South Africans have access to the internet, or 4.59-million people, over a third of them – the majority – aged between 18 and 29.The country has 5.3-million personal computer users, making up 11% of the total population.
With a professional website, you are not limited to market in your town or area, you can market you product or services to anywhere you like globally. You can even choose the kind of customer, type age, area or any other demographic information you want to market to.
With a professionally designed website, your customer reach can significantly improve no matter what services or products you offer 

Google is going nuts..

Google 1998

9800 average daily searches in their 1st year

Google 2008

1,745,000,000 average daily searches 

Google 2012

4,717,000,000 average daily searches 

Maximize your reach.



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