Art and science have their meeting point in method


Over many years of industry experience,  we have adopted a unique methodology that applies to all projects regardless of size, length, and type of service. We have incorporated an Agile Type Development strategy, where customer requirements and solutions evolve through regular collaboration between our customers, and functional teams.

It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, and a time-boxed iterative approach, that encourages rapid and flexible response to change, a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle.

A distinction is made between artists who work directly from nature and those who work purely from imagination. Neither of these methods should be preferred to the exclusion of the other. We follow a clear and simple process.

Our unique methodology is what sets us apart, we enjoy working with people  and take a hands-on personal interest in every project that we pursue, making every project, a Vudu Project.

Our Process



Kick off meeting.

Define & Analyze

Define Solution

Brainstorm Concept

Conceptual Solution Design


Build, Meet, Change, Release

Monitor and Enhance

Change, Adapt, Brainstorm


Learn, Live, Dream, Explore


 Simplicity and Complexity need each other.

John Meada