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billion was spent online by South African Consumers

40% Growth

in online trading expected for next year

By 2015 6.8

million people will be online for 5 years or more

Accept Payments Online

An e-commerce payment system facilitates the acceptance of electronic payments for online transactions. The Online Shopping market is emerging and growing rapidly in South Africa, e-commerce payment systems have become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of the internet-based shopping and the evolution of online banking. With the mobile smart-phone industry also booming, payments on mobile devices can now enable shoppers to buy anywhere, anytime any place.

We can enable your site to take online payments, or build a complete e-commerce solution, for virtually any type of product or services offering, and enable you take a payment on the spot. We enable easy, secure and instant transfers of money between online buyers and sellers.

Depending on your volume, platform, cart-system, or  booking system, we have partnered with a number of local and international payment facilitators, and can integrate an effective, secure payment solution into your site, booking system, cart system, quickly and hassle free.

Our Partners


SID Payments

SID is the only instant EFT payment service in South Africa that allows your customers to make secure online payments directly into your bank account in real time. It is safe, secure, and SID opens your online store to brand new markets of Internet Banking and debit card customers, thereby allowing you to increase your sales



MyGate Communications (Pty) Ltd is an established financial services and payment solutions company, dedicated to providing a safe secure platform to switch financial transactions. MyGate has developed a suite of payment solutions enabling their customer base to accept multiple methods of payment




PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africans and South African websites. We enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers. We allow sellers to accept payments from buyers in a variety of ways.



We offer a number of credit card payment services to enable you to receive payments for ticket bookings online via your website. Using our PayWeb service, clients will be redirected to a secure payments page hosted by PayGate where they can enter their credit card details to pay for their ticket.

Sage NetCash


Netcash was started in 2002, to provide simple, cost effective and efficient payment services to small and medium-sized companies in South Africa. Netcash makes it easy, thanks to innovative technology and economies of scale which enable it to offer highly competitive transaction rates not previously accessible to SMME’s.

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