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It was an especially exciting week in tech, with lots of big news coming from all fronts. So who dominated the Top 10 Tech world this week?

Google, a week after announcing the demise of the beloved Google Reader, launched a new note-taking Evernote-like app called Google Keep. The company’s most exciting unveiling this week, though, might have been the addition of stunning imagery from the world’s tallest mountains.

Amazon took another step in its quest to conquer the tech world, announcing “Send to Kindle” a button that allows readers to save articles to read them later on their Kindle devices.

1. Amazon Launches ‘Send to Kindle’ Button for Websites

Amazon announced this new button that any website can integrate, called “Send to Kindle.” The button lets users forward any pages using the service to their personal tablets with a single click.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphotoizusek; screenshot image courtesy of TIME


2. Google Keep Launches … For Real This Time

Days after the product’s early leak, Google officially rolled out its new Evernote-like service, Google Keep.

Find out more abut Google’s new product:

Images courtesy of Google


3. New 3D Display Lets Phones and Tablets Make Holograms

A new kind of 3D display developed at HP Labs plays hologram-like videos without the need for any moving parts or glasses. Videos displayed on the HP system hover above the screen, and viewers can walk around them and experience an image or video from as many 200 different viewpoints — like walking around a real object.

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Homepage image courtesy of YouTube, hptalks


4. Samsung Is Working on a Wristwatch of Its Own

Rumors around an Apple wristwatch have been making rounds on the internet lately, but there’s another major player who’d like to get in on the smartwatch craze — Samsung.

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5. Watch 15 GoPro Cameras Add Bullet Time to Everyday Life

An array of 15 GoPro cameras helped one amateur filmmaker slow life down with cool bullet-time effects.

Take a look at what the filmmaker was able to do with his innovative idea:

Image Courtesy YouTube, Marc Donahue


6. Pebble Watch SDK Coming in April

Developers will soon be able to get their hands on a proof-of-concept software developer’s kit (SDK) for the immensely popular Pebble watch — the company announced it will publish the watchface SDK the second week of April.

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Image courtesy of Pebble


7. Teen Creates Algae-Powered Biofuel in Her Bedroom Lab

The winner of this year’s Intel Science Talent Search is 17-year-old Sara Volz. She built a biofuel lab in her room to explore the potential for algae to become an economically viable fuel.

Read more about her impressive project:

Image courtesy of Intel


8. Apple Gets More Secure With Two-Step Verification

Apple added a new level of security to iCloud and Apple ID users: two-step verification, which will require you to verify your identity when signing into your account from a new device.

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Image by Nina Frazier, Mashable


9. Canon Rebel SL1: The World’s Smallest DSLR Camera

Canon unveiled on Thursday what it says is the smallest and lightest DSLR camera ever made, the EOS Rebel SL1.

Check it out:

Images courtesy of Canon


10. Google Maps Gets Adventurous With Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro

Google Maps has just added stunning imagery taken while scaling the highest mountains across various continents, from Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Mt. Aconcagua (South America) to Mt. Elbrus (Europe) and Everest Base Camp (Asia).

Take a look for yourself:

Images courtesy of Google


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Meanwhile, to add to the smart watch craze, Samsung confirmed it’s working on a smart watch of its own, joining the likes of Apple and LG. Speaking of smart watches, Pebble announced the release of a software developer’s kit (SDK) for its immensely popular watch, paving the way for the arrival of countless apps.

And that’s not even the half of it. We learned about a teen who created Algae-powered biofuel in her bedroom lab, and an amateur filmmaker who mounted 15 GoPro cameras in an array to slow down reality to Matrix-like bullet time videos.

Take a look at our Top 10 Tech This Week to see what other great stories took the world of technology by storm this week.

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