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Keeping track of your medical records can get complicated. HealthKeep, a health-based social network, is looking to help people organize their patient history with a timeline of symptoms, medications and conditions.

Social media isn’t always the best place for sharing health concerns due to privacy issues, but HealthKeep’s users join anonymously so no identities are revealed. The site serves as a comprehensive snapshot of your health record, which is compiled with information you choose to post.

Similar to Facebook or Twitter, the site operates with feeds. If you wake up with a cough, you can look up the symptom on HealthKeep’s database to see what other users are experiencing. Those who take a particular medicine can filter feeds to read more on people’s shared side effects or new developments.

The Internet can oftentimes be a confusing place for medical information, where googling your flu-like symptoms can lead you to believe you have an obscure disease, says HealthKeep founder and neurologist Lyle Dennis. HealthKeep helps users understand their own health by connecting them to relevant information based on their provided history and similar users.

“It’s almost like a Facebook for health –- anyone can connect with anyone,” Dennis says.

Doctors and healthcare organizations can also register with verified accounts to post news or general announcements. Participants can “follow” specific topics and doctors, and connect withhealthcare news outlets.

If you choose to store medical records on the site, they’re kept secure in accordance with HIPAA regulations. You can also print out your personal timeline to take it to your healthcare provider with graphed data, making it easier to remember your last check-up or medical concern.

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